The  Board of Management consists of computer professionals, technocrats, doctors, social activities and academicians equipped with quality education and global exposure to create an institution, anticipating trend and leading career education into the future. The Members are:


Shri A. B. Mangasuli Chairman 9449556788
Shri S. P. Mangasuli Secretary 9886632175
Shri S. M. Hosamani Treasurer 9916273836
Shri I. I. Yadawad Director 9986302153
Shri R. R. Avaradi Director 9739572909
Shri S. R. Ammanagi Director 9986512055
Shri P. M. Kunchaganur Director 9449181697
Shri S. S. Nivaragi Director 9243979756
Shri B. I. Balikai Director 9449228420
Shri S. A. Huddar Director 9008641030
Dr. S. N. Athani Director 9986460071
Shri M. S. Panchakshari Director 9886270036
Shri S. S. Bijjaragi Director 9242376912
Shri P. R. Athani Director 9916236401
Shri M. M. Yadawad Director 9916238238